Friday, 8 May 2015

Currently Coveting...

It's been an age since I've posted about the things I'm currently coveting. This evening I felt like doing a bit of wishful thinking so here we go...

Hubby and I had popped out with The Olds to a garden center and on the way home came across a lovely coffee shop, The Old Post Coffee House, in Nutfield Surrey. Apart from coffee and yummy cakes they also have a selection of gifts in there. I LOVE this place, cute things and yummy food, what more can a girl ask for,

Some of the gifts they had in there were lovely, they had some antiques and vintage items too. I wish I taken some photos, They also sold a lovely selection of Sasse and Belle gorgeousness. This inspired me to check out the Sasse and Belle website. Here are a few of the items that caught my eye (all pictures are from the Sasse and Belle site):

These cute cushions are £15 each. 

Very cute bird hook for £2. Would look great in a craft room.

These suitcases are £20. Gorgeous the colours.

This is £9, they have blue for a boy too, Would make a gorgeous gift for a new baby gift.

These are so sweet, I'm not sure what Hubby would think of them. Bunny salt and pepper set £13

Too many cute things on this site, storage pots £10.
Boudoir stamp photo frame £13

Boudoir dog  drawer knob £4.50

Lovely sayings coasters, love the colours, £9.50

Daisy jewellery box £15

I am absolutely in love with this Boudoir bunny clock. This was on Not on the high street. It's so adorable but at £42 I won't be getting it.

 I saw these coasters in the coffee house for £10. These ones are from Amazon £12. I .may well treat myself to these on pay day if they still have them

Ok, I could add so many cute things but I'd better stop there.

You can see the sort of things I like so if you have any great websites you think I would love then please leave a link in comments.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to The Army and Navy Rugby match tomorrow, with Hubby and his ex army buds. Looking forward to my first live sports match.

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