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Life is beautiful and sad.

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I was very honored when I was given a book of poetry as thanks from a very fine gentleman. John Parish. He self published his poetry book 'Life is beautiful and sad'in 2003. A number of his poems have been published elsewhere in poetry books and magazines. When he gave me the book, I told him about my blog and ask if I could post about his poems on it, which he was happy for me to do.

Being as it is Valentines day, here are two of his poems about love.

My valentine

                                                          The words I need, I cannot find,
                                                          To voice the love that fills my mind.
                                                          On days, I cannot see your face.
                                                          The world is such an empty place.

                                                          When I'm with you, the time just flies.
                                                          My life is captive in your eyes.
                                                          You bannish all my anxiety and fears,
                                                          And make up for all the lonely years.

                                                          And now that all is said and done,
                                                          You must know that you'e my number one.
                                                          In fact, you are that special part,
                                                          Of all that's magic in my heart.


Venetian Love

                                                         From a sad and solitary run,
                                                         I walked beneath Venetian sun,
                                                         And on that fevered, August, sand,
                                                         I longed to hold your little hand.
                                                         My love for you had just begun,
                                                         Where many hearts are lost and won.

                                                         Your bright green eyes and body slim,
                                                         And oh! how much you loved to swim!
                                                         You may not understand the kind
                                                         Of love that fills the heart and mind,
                                                         This love for you was pure and mild,
                                                         As that a mother has for a child.

                                                         I did not wish to own your live,
                                                         Or even take your for my wife.
                                                         Could any love mean more than this,
                                                         A glance, a thought, a touch a kiss?
                                                         Life is beautiful and Sad-
                                                         Think of all we might have had!

                                                         When you left to go away,
                                                         There was nothing I could say.
                                                         Empty world, and last goodbyes,
                                                         All those tears that left my eyes.
                                                         Later, walking through the square,
                                                         Wished and wished that you'd be there.


About the Author

John Parish was born in South London in 1926. His schooling was interrupted by the war and he joined the Midland Bank in 1942 at the age of 15. At 1 during the war, he joined the Royal Engineers, rising through the ranks to become Quarter Master Sergeant at the age of 20. He served mainly in the Middle East.

'I once knew a Polish lady from Cracow, Poland. She had experienced and witnessed many terrible things in the war. "Life is beautiful and sad" she said to me and I never forgot it, thus the title of this book.' 
                                                      John Parish


  1. This is beautiful thank you for sharing xx

    1. I've been meaning to post this for a while and I thought Valentines day is a perfect opportunity.

      Thanks Hannah xx

  2. Lovely poetry. Life is indeed beautiful and sad,

    1. I know bless him, he's written a lot of great poems. He's now about 88!


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