Saturday, 7 February 2015

A little adventure: Ashdown Forest

Last Saturday me and my boys went for a little adventure to Ashdown Forest in  East Sussex. The weather was cold, snowey, windy, rainy, well the weather just couldn't make it's mind up but that didn't spoil are fun. Although we had planned to find a spot for a little cook up (with our hobo stove, something I must show you another time) and a cup of hot chocolate but as it was so wet we decided to give it a miss and have the hot chocolate to warm ourselves up when we got home.

*These were taken on my phone and my photography skills aren't the best and I need to work out how to edit them better, I don't like them being all tall and skinny. I still wanted to share them with you though, pic heavy*

What a view eh? Ashdown is a former medieval hunting forest, Monarchs from Edward III to Henry VIII would have enjoyed hunting in the forest. Something that I have learnt is the word 'forest' derives from the name for a royal hunting park, I never knew that. I wonder what Spike can smell there? There must be so many interesting smells for the dogs here. 

In the woodland the colours are so rich and warm. Even though it was a really cold and dreary day, it still all looked so beautiful. The picture above is of a vernal pond and the picture below is of Spikey having a splash around. 


I love walking in forests and woodlands, being amongst the huge trees. It amazes me how old they are. Their immense size and their old and gnarled bark. If only they could talk, what these trees would of seen over the centuries.

If there's a river, Alfie will find it and jump in it! Both the dogs love water, unless your talking about a shower or bath.

Here's a video of the waterbaby:

Just to say we threw in a little stick and he came out with that!

I love the colours in this photo, the rich red,orange and browns of the leaves, the gnarled brown bark of the tree and the green moss covering the tree and the logs.I took the picture because the 3 logs look like steps leading to the tree.

Can you spot the dog?

Can you see him yet?

Oh there Alfie is!

So do you think the boys enjoyed themselves? They were very muddy and smelly by the end of it all but they were definitely very happy pooches.

I had a lovely day with hubby too.


  1. what a beautiful walk in take time to focus on what really matters. Great pics. Happy Saturday

  2. Lovely photos, Kate. They make me want to get out into the fresh air too x


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