Saturday, 3 January 2015

Looking back at 2014.

The beginning of 2014 started off a bit:

And the same theme continued for the majority of the year. I felt snowed under, bogged down and generally like life was a little out of control, well actually a lot out of control. I'm sure you have all had that feeling, you know, your digging your nails in and just about clinging on.

All that stress was mainly due to doing my nurse prescribing. Not only was I stressed but I think I stressed out Hubby, The Olds and the poor pooches in our house. You think you are never going to get things together and work through the turmoil that has become  your life...

It does all comes together and you make it through the chaos. This happened at the end of the year for me, all the hard work paid off and I passed everything! I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I finally braved reading the email which was burning a hole in my inbox. To read those wonderous words, 'pass' and to read my grade was an A! Chuffed? Oh, just a little bit. It was a humongous relief.

So I am now a non-medical prescriber, well as soon as all the official  stuff is sorted out and I'm put on the register. I'm very pleased with myself as it is not only a great achievement but it was one of my goals for 2014.

What else did 2014 bring for me?

Well I actually got to tick off something pretty special off my bucket list, to meet some meerkats!

That was the highlight of the year for me. For us actually, Hubby and I had such a fantastic time meeting the most adorable family of meerkats.

So what are my goals for 2015?

Well, it's a new year, the perfect time for mission self destruct to begin. We all do it, relentlessly making unrealistic resolutions for the coming  year, ones that we  don't really have the intention of achieving. Which is the very reason I don't do resolutions anymore, just a waste of time for me (have a glance at previous years posts) but I now make goals. In 2013 I discovered SMART Goals and this is what I prefer now, although my success rate is still not great, it is better.

New Year posts 2014, 2013, 2012.

This year I want to tick some more stuff off my bucket list, something  I'll  look forward to doing. One of the main things I  want in 2015 is a lot more adventure and fun in my life. Apart from the meerkats there was wasn't a whole lot of fun happening in my life in 2014 BUT that has to be different this year. Not that 2014 was a bad year but it felt like a stressful one for a number  of  reasons and like for the best part of it I was just about in control.

Each year one of my goals is to be more organised and 2014 was no differnet. I have got better but there is plenty of room for improvment and is something I will never stop working on.

What goals/resolutions/hopes for 2015 have you got? Or are you saying  sod it and  purchased the Groupon voucher

Well whatever you're plans are good luck and wishing you a healthy and happy new year.

P.S If you notice any extra spaces in the post or strange things with the layout, apologies, I typed most of it on my phone and tried to correct it but not sure if I managed it all.


  1. I'm so glad you've emerged a winner from your course Kate. I worked in the GP surgery when two nurses were doing the course and they said it Ewan's hard and time consuming. I agree we all need more fun in our lives and should seek out the things that make us happy and just do them. I hope this is a great year for you and your family.

  2. Happy New Year, Kate. Here's to a less stressful 2015 with a lot more adventure.

    Like you, I don't really have resolutions, but I am determined to get the house finished. With only the hallway and bedroom to go, I'm hoping to down tools well before the end of 2015 - wish me luck, as it's been a slow process so far! I'm also determined to start the New Year with a bang and finish my latest book come the end of January. It's almost done, so I have no excuses x

  3. Congratulations on your achievement--and meerkats, wow! I've never heard about anyone getting to interact with them.

    1. I couldn't believe when I saw the offer. Loved them.Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Glad you got to meet some meerkats and get that crossed off your bucket list.
    Happy New Year to you! Hope your 2015 is a great one full of love and laughter.
    Visiting today from ShareFest from SITSgirls,

    1. It was a fantastic experience. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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