Sunday, 25 January 2015

Blog plans for the week.

In a bid to get organised with my blogging I'm posting my plans for the week on Sundays (hopefully). The inspiration from this came from Maria from First Draft Cafe.

Wednesday I have a post on a really quick and easy sock phone pouch I made. Well it was kind of easy I had a little trouble with the tension of the thread but I'll tell you all about it.

There are 2 posts I need to complete that I have been working on so I need to finish at least one if not both of them ready for publishing.

I need a timetable of all the linky parties which I like to join in with which I can store on Evernote on my phone.

I'll be joining in several linky parties throughout the week which are all listed on my Link up and party page.

I managed to get a few more likes of my FB page whilst joining with the Saturday sharefest. My page needs some TLC so I will be paying it a bit more attention to it this week.

I shall continue with my aim to show more blog love to others and get around visiting my favorite blogs and some newly discovered ones too. Something I've been doing more recently is making sure I pin things I like, one it's nice to get something of yours pinned but also so I can go back to a recipe or project I want to make :)

I've designed a new blog signature so I want to set it up so it automatically appears at the end of each post rather then adding each time.

I am hoping to do a bit of baking today or make some goodies, if I do I'll be sharing how they turn out.

So that's my plans for the coming week. Nothing too major but we'll see how it goes. Have you got a busy schedule for the week ahead? Well good luck for your week and I hope you achieve all you want too, I hope I do to. 


  1. I'm not as organised as that Kate. I'm always impressed by how organised Maria always is. I hope to do two book reviews today. I'm really behind as my computer is not in a convenient place at the moment. I hope to make another cushion and a name banner, and that's as far as I can think.

    1. It's not easy fitting all of it in is it. You can't just rush out a book review either. Good luck with your cushion and banner.


  2. You are organised. All I've done for over four weeks now is focus on getting the latest book finished, which obviously means I'm short of blogging material. After all, readers don't really want to hear about me sat at the computer for hours on end! Maybe you or Anne would like to guest blog on your craft activities? I have a guest blogger tomorrow, thank goodness, but other than that nothing in the pipeline x

    1. I'm trying Suzie. I suppose getting your new book out is rather a priority (we are all patiently waiting for it) ;D

      It's hard for you because you need to focus on you writing. Not enough hours in the day are there.

      I would love to do a guest post. I'll be in touch about it.

      Thanks Suzie


  3. Love your plans Kate, I'll be popping back to see how you've got on... :-)
    Have a good week.

    1. Thanks Maria and thanks for the inspiration. Please do, we shall see how I get on...

      Have a good week too :o)


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