Saturday, 27 December 2014

Some Christmas makes.

So Christmas has gone by in a whizz. Did you have a good one?

Mine was lovely but I have the dreaded lurgies, stuffed up nose, the sorest throat and cough, cough coughing. Which is sooooo annoying. But hey I really shouldn't complain. I have the next week and a half off and plenty of time to recuperate and spend time with family.

I just wanted to quickly share 2 cute things that I made for Christmas this year.

The first are these adorable Santa napkin rings. How many times when you wonder round the shops do you find yourself saying 'I could make that!'. Well I was inspired to make these napkin rings, although buying them is easier, it's not half as satisfying as making it yourself.

So with a bit of felt, some buttons and buckle embellishments, ribbon, tubing and a glue gun, I ended up with a lovely set of napkin rings.

I then came across a small empty coffee jar that I had stashed away and I thought that would make a perfect little jar which jar to store some candy canes that I bought, which will also add to my decorations.

I basically used the same things for the jar as I did for the napkin rings. I just literally found a few scraps which actually fitted perfectly and took all of 10 minutes to do. The gorgeous little wooden light up church was a new purchase this year from John Lewis and I love it.

To do both these projects I used my new favourite tool, the glue gun! I'd nicked my Dads old one, but my lovely parents bought my own one for Christmas, which has a trigger which should be easier to use then his one.

Unfortunately I did not get to make as many things as I wanted to this year, but I definitely achieved more than I have done previous Christmases. I will definitely plan things a lot early next year. I think you have to if you want to make stuff.

Well Happy Christmas, I'll be seeing you again in the New Year. I'm in Wales with Hubby's family for New Year so not to sure if I'll have a New Year post organised but we shall see.

Take care and as always thanks for stopping by!

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  1. lovely I believe you have captured Christmas in your projects
    come see us at

  2. Lovely Kate. I too look at things and think I could make them. I'm so looking forward to my sewing course, not booked it yet so I hope it's not full.


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