Friday, 4 October 2013

Problem fix for adding blogger images to sidebar

Recently I wanted to change my images I use for my labels in my sidebar, a task that previously wasn't a problem but now frustratingly is.  Grrr! So annoying!  After uploading your image to the gadget, before you can save it you are required to add a title which is not a good look.
Well after much searching I found a thread on Google product forums and the answer!   Once again its a Blogger bug.  Don't you just love Blogger and it's bugs!  Click on the link at the end of this post to read the thread.

It's a simple fix - 

 in the title box all you need to type is the following:  <!-- --> 

Now add your image and save it!  The title will remain blank on your blog!

Yipee! Who knows if this is a problem that will continue on blogger but at least there is a fix.!msg/blogger/427dJ8wdHOA/8GdghOANca0J

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  1. It's amazing what answers you can find out if you google the problem.I often find blogger doesn't do what I want it too but I tried wordpress and was completly lost.


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