Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Slightly longer than a mid-year catch up

We're nearly at the end of August and things have been very quiet on the Tales of Me pretty much since I took part in the A to Z challenge back in April, that was a whole lot of fun but also a shed load of work.  Since then things have been pretty manic with one thing and another in the Rigby household so blogging and socialising with my blog buddies and on FB/Twitter has been to the minimum. But I'm going to try for a better work, life and blogging balance and maybe fit it all in...

My essay is written just waiting for feedback from my mentor and then need to do an changes, it will all be handed in on the 29th.  My results for the OSCE came in and unfortunately I failed that.  That came as no surprise as I already blogged about that and how badly it went.  I know where I went wrong and what I need to do so I will be getting as much practice as in possible.  The main problem I had in the exam was a ran out of time so I will be buying myself a watch to keep an eye on the time, we get 30 minutes to see each pretend "patient". I know 30 mins sounds a lot but in exam terms its not.

I had planned to do a a mid-year update when I was going to look back at the goals I set in January but I've kind of missed the mid-year mark but hey better late then never! So all the way back in January I made some Goals! and did a post about what I wanted to achieve this year. So lets see how I'm doing with all that...

I'm on my way to achieving my work goals, as I've mentioned I am doing my physical examination course and although it's not quite going to plan as I failed my exam but I will have achieved this by September!  In February I will hopefully be on my Nurse prescribing course which will be another one of my goals achieved.  Positive thinking! I actually started a 2nd course last month which is all adding to progressing in my career.  An ongoing goal for me is my organisation in life full stop. At work it has been better but I haven't been as organised with my course so definitely room for improvement there!

Ok one of my things as it is ever year is to get fitter and get down the gym!  Well I've managed to loose abour 5kg/10lbs ish. Which is great.  I had been going down the gym regularly, I even made it 4 times in one week! Unfortunately that has gone a little to pot this last 6 weeks due to time with my course and then I have time I have no car as Hubby's has broken down and he has to use mine.  That will hopefully be resolved in the next week or so and I can get back to the gym.

Another goal was to get to grips with my sewing machine, which I've done a little bit of but still got a way to go yet.

One of my money goals was not to make any stupid cock ups when it comes to money.  I suppose we have managed not to do anything stupid but as always money is sometimes good and sometimes bad.  There's been a major change with Hubby at work which is kind of good but has been tough too.  Intrigued? I shall tell you more another day...

I wanted to develop my blog further this year which hasn't gone so well as I just haven't had the time to spend on it.  On the other hand after the A to Z I have a few more followers which is great!

Well I haven't had as much as I'd of like this year.  I'm happy and life's not been all bad but we haven't got to do any canoeing or camping.  We have had a wonderful holiday in Italy and done some fun stuff, so don't get me wrong I'm not complaining but due to boring responsibilities we have been a little restricted.  I shall endeavour to keep at this goal!

So that's my mid-year ish update.  Later this week I'll be posting a new sewing tutorial , acute little mobile phone pouch.


  1. You have been busy! Like you, I can find it hard to keep organised when I have so much going on - a goal the both of us will be working at. Sorry to hear about your exam, I was keeping my fingers crossed for you. But at least you know what to do for the re-sit - will keep keeping my fingers crossed for this too x

    1. He he I know. I'm rubbish at being organised. Ah thx about exam. I'm sure it will be all good this time! Loving your book by the way!


  2. Bad luck about exam but you'll do better next time.If only there were more hours some days.I have so many books to read and review and so little time,and I don't go to work so I don't know how you manage to fit it all in. You've been missed on your blog.

    1. Ah thank you Anne. I know definitely not enough hours! Hopefully can get back to it more now. Missed doing it and socialising with everyone! :)


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