Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hey my friends,

Wow  I'm tired.  Today was examination day!
It was my OSCE, for those who don't know what that its. I had to do 2 of 4 random 'stations'. Mine was cardiovascular and abdominal. You go in and there is the examiner and a patient/actor. You have half an hour to take a history, do a physical examination and decide on diagnosis.  Well sounds ok maybe but it is mega nerve racking! It is amazing how quick half an hour goes.

Do I think I passed?
Unfortunately not, I took to long in my history taking and nearly run out of time on both so the last part of my examinations were rushed and for one of them actually missed bits.  The first examiner said I did well and my problem was I ran out of time. The 2nd on didn't say anything. Although I did some things well I don't think I've done enough to pass.

So I should get my results in 2 weeks, I can resit if I don't pass one or the other or either.  Just have to wait and see.  But for now now I just have to get my but in gear and focus on my essay which I thankfully got an extension on but I plan to get it all done by next week so I can get it checked by tutor etc. Just want to get it out of the way.

I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging more regularly got a few posts lined up.  and desperately wants to do a bit of sewing!

Well that's it for tonight, just a little update now time to switch my brain off and catch up on some of my programmes, hmmm I think a bit of 90210 *Hubs is now rolling eys and calling me a saddo*

Ok I'll be back soon so hang in there, oh and when all my work is done I want to celebrate with a give away, so keep your peepers peeled!

p.s I hope there is not more spelling mistakes I am very tired, think I have corrected them all now.


  1. Bless you, don't be too despondent though :( I was certain I'd failed my driving test & I hadn't. But as you say, if you have you'll know how to avoid that next time!

    You're working so hard...well done! Xxx

    1. Ah thanks Donna who knows??? Won't stress till I get the results. It's all been good and worth it though learnt so much.


  2. We always think we've done terribly when it comes to examinations, thinking 'I should've done this or that' after the fact. Well done on all your hard work regardless of the outcome. And I agree with Donna, if you do end up having to re-do them, at least you'll know what to expect and fingers crossed, you'll feel less nervous about the whole thing x

    1. I know Suzie. I'm hoping that's what I'm doing but because I ran out of time that caused me problems. I may of done enough to pass but I won't be a shock if I don't. It will all work out in the end. And you're both right I'll know what to do/not do. There skills I need to keep practising anyhow as I'll be using them at work. Blasted rescue remedy did nothing for my nerves though ;) lol!


  3. Well if you've not passed at least you did your best and know what to expect next time.It must be very hard,I've been a patient a few times at Doctor's exams and they do like to trick them out,patients can say very little to the students,only answer what they ask you, but if you were going to a doctor for real you would be telling them a whole lot more. Fingers crossed you have passed.

  4. Thanks Anne, it was hard. One of the actors was really good bless him. It was one of the examiners that put me off, he just looked like he was bored and had enough. It was a long day for them too, they were running an hour behind with the exams as well. I have learnt a lot though so what will be will be :)

  5. Best of luck with your results lovely, i'm sure they will be fine but as you said if not you can resit and think of all that experience you have just gained from what you've done. xx


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