Sunday, 7 October 2012

A few honourable purchases

Such a mild day today, this morning the sun was shining down on Surrey. Not looking quite as good outside now but not all that bad for October. So today I'm doing a little post to to share our honourable purchases with you. Whilst Spike was being pampered at the Mutt Hut yesterday, Hubby and I had a wonder round Coulsdon.  Had a pleasant day and spent money we shouldn't of really but they were very honourable buys.  Bless Spike apparently he has taken to howling while they are clipping him??? Not sure why. They are lovely at his groomers and he is always happy when he first goes in but then when he sees us going he starts whining bless him. He's looking very dapper now, he's just having an  afternoon chill.

The first things I want to show you are 2 items we bought in a local charity shop.  Love the wooden bowl, I think it is olive wood, and if it is it's a bargain at £3.  No idea what this brass thingy-mi-jig is, but we bough it none the less, anyone got any ideas what it may have been used for?  Hubby thought maybe it was used as a candle holder so you can light wall sconces, initially we also though it may be something to snuff out candles but don't think so now.  So any guesses?  The 3 pictures of the brass thingy-mi-jig, are 3 different angles, help me figure out what you think it is.  What's that round disc all about?

The next items were bought from a little shop in Caterham, it has new and old stuff in there, all of it fabulous. I thought this little vase/tin would be great for my make-up brushes and the gin bottle is just fab.

This gin bottle is just gorgeous, it looks great on our sideboard, just need to fill it up, well it would be a shame not to wouldn't it.


  1. I left a comment from my ipad ,it's obviously not worked,blah!
    Spike is looking lovely even though he might not think it. I have no idea what the brass thing holds does look like it should be for a candle. I love your wooden plate. I never find anything like that in the shops,have to take you with me!

  2. Welcome to SITS Share Fest! So glad you're there! :) You've made me want to go shopping today!

  3. Looks like some fun finds. I especially love the wooden bowl. Beautiful.

    Happy Sharefest. Good luck figuring out what the brass thing is.

  4. I was glad to meet you on SITS Sharefest! Fascinated you're from Surrey. Have no idea about the brass thingy.


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