Monday, 3 September 2012

10 things I've never done...

Right, here's a fun little post that's been doing the rounds, Donna from  Lost and Found  and Donna's Room for Reading suggested I give it a go so |I thought why not.

Here's 10 things I've never done!

1) I have never ironed an item of my Hubby's clothing!  There are several reasons for this, firstly (Hubby would say most importantly) he is much better then ironing then me, being an ex army dude he is very particular with ironing being done properly. Secondly I can't see the point in spending hours standing in front of an ironing bored, ploughing through item after item of clothing.  I just do it when I need it. I hang up a lot of our clothes so they dry crease free. Thirdly, well lets just be honest I'm a lazy mare!

2) I have never cooked on a BBQ.  Again this down to darling Hubby.  As like Donna's Hubby, mine too is the chef in the family (although he is not an actually chef, just enjoys cooking and is good at it), the barbie is his domain, and his alone! That is law!

3) I have never changed a baby's nappy!  Yes that's right I have managed to avoid this task so far believe it or not.  Not that I have an actual problem with it as I have had to deal with worse things being a nurse, it's just something I have never had to do.

4) I have never been fired from a job.  Ok was a bit worried about writing this one in case I'm tempting fate but hopefully not.

5) I have never read 50 Shades of Grey! Hot topic at the moment.  I'm undecided as to whether I will or won't.  Ok so it's suppose to be right raunchy read but everyone complains that it's badly written so I don't feel encourage to read it.  I'm not adverse to a book with a bit of an erotic story line.  But I need a book with a good story line.  The story just doesn't appeal to me and I suspect I will find the characters in it annoying. I read one review which said it started as a fan fic based on Twilight and dare I say it the characters in that seriously irritated me well Bella Swan did.  I'm sure I'll borrow it off a friend one day but my TBR pile is getting larger week by week and I'd rather read something that I actually want and not because everyone happens to be reading it at the time.

6) I have never been on a motorbike, although if Hubby has his way and wins the lottery he'll have us touring round Europe and anywhere else that takes his fancy.

7) Ok this isn't as easy as you'd think, not when your trying to think of more everyday things.  I was avoiding putting this one down as I am a little superstitious but damn it, I've touched every bit of wood in our front room so I should be safe... I have never broken a bone or had a operation.  I hope to keep it this way for the foreseeable future.

8)  I have never reversed into a bus while in a mini.  Ok well I have actually, it was rather embarrassing. I know this is not the point of this post but I'm struggling with ideas now.

9) I have never driven abroad when they drive on the opposite side of the road.

10) I have never eaten oysters or lobster.  Not sure if I would try oysters but I'd like to try lobster one day.

Wow, that was quite tough.  There's plenty of more unusual things I haven't done and I'm sure there's more things I haven't done when thinking about the everyday stuff but I struggled.  A few answers are the same as Donna's and some others who have done this too, there all true though.

That was fun to do, you should give it a go.  If not a whole post, leave a few things you have never done in my comments box.

Keep on smiling


  1. Loved your answers , I'm going to be doing it too so will have to think hard as some of mine are the same as yours,motorbikes and oysters and lobsters.

  2. I know Anne, it's not as easy as you'd think, not when you are trying to think of more everyday things. Towards the end got a bit lazy with my answers. I shall look forward to reading yours :)


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