Sunday, 22 April 2012

Frolicks with firemen...

Frolics with firemen, sounds interesting huh? Well let me tell you all about it. My Thursday started off as your typical average day, had a pretty uneventful morning at work, drove home, parked my car and then Ahhhhh! Suddenly disaster struck! The weather was awful on Thursday, rain had been lashing down most of the morning, in fact it had been lashing down most of the week, talk about about April showers.  We have to park our cars on the grass verge opposite our house which can get pretty muddy when the weathers bad.  So as I said I got home from work , parked my car, stepped out of it turned round to grab my bag and then noooo! The unbelievable happened, my car decided to roll down the hill!!!! A seriously heart stopping moment.  We live on a slip road which is off a busy main road, with a large amount of traffic travels from little hatchbacks to mahoosive  articulated lorries that zoom down it all day long.  Thankfully, my little guardian angle was looking after me on this miserable afternoon.  The car rolled down the hill but it crashed into the hedge that lines the edge of the embankment.  It was this rather sparse hedge that saved my car from falling down the embankment and causing a major accident.  For those few short seconds I think my heart stopped beating.  Initially I did try to stop it rolling back and quickly realised I had no hope and if I didn't get out the way I may be dragged along with my car.  So I stood helplessly and watched the scenario play out.  In those few short seconds I had to stand there I imagined numerous disastrous ends to the situation, I had visions of my car falling through the bushes onto the road and hitting one of the lorries or cars, a person getting seriously hurt or god forbid killed. Here's a picture to give you a better idea of what happened.

Ok so car was balancing precariously against the hedge, traffic was whizzing on by.  As the lorries were going past they were where knocking the branches of the hedge which were overhanging on to the road because of my car. I kept thinking any moment now those branches are going to give and my gorgeous car is going to go. My Dad was in so I rushed up to the house and manically banged on their window, shouting for him to help.  There wasn't much he could do so we called the police and the fire brigade who thankfully promptly turned up to rescue me. So two policeman, 12 fireman  and two fire engines later my car was pulled to safety and no harm was caused.  Well I say no harm. My car isn't scratched believe it or not but it seems there is some damaged to the steering rack and front breaks and the rear torsion bar at the rear of the car.  In English, car has had a bit of a bashing!  So just what we need the week before we go on holiday a claim on the car insurance which will cost us £300 excess.  Really didn't need that but it all could have been so much worse, no one was hurt and it was only my car involved.  So that was the fun and frolics I had on Thursday afternoon.  Something I hope never ever to repeat!


  1. What a lucky escape for both your car and you.It would have been awful if it had caused an accident. All those hunky fireman eh?
    Years ago my brother in law's car rolled down an embankment behind their house and right into a river it was a right off.So you're not the only one. My daughter worked in a car showroom and the new cars were all parked on a sloping grassy bit very like yours overlooking a busy road, a wee boy looking at car with his father took the habdbrake off and it rolled away. They managed to get the wee boy out and the car crashed into a tree which saved it from hitting the road.

  2. I bet it played out in slow motion. At least, it would've done for me x


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