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I've been tagged - you've been tagged

I've been tagged by the lovely Anne to answer some questions, you'll find a link to her blog below.  She has chosen the theme Desert Island Delights.  Ok so here goes...

Imagine  you are marooned on a dessert island 

1) What three people alive or dead (not family) would you
 choose to keep you company? 

Good question, it's hard to choose, there's a number of people I would like to keep me company.  Now should I go for someone who'd make me laugh, a bit of eye candy or someone intelligent to keep up some stimulating conversation? Doh! Hubby just pointed out I can choose three people!  I do read things properly honestly.  So I could choose one from each category, intelligence, eye candy and funny, yay! First choice would be Ray Mears for his survival skills and he would also be interesting to talk to.  Next person would be Si King, one of the Hairy Bikers, he's funny, interesting and could cook me great dinners, and although not your typical eye candy I do have a strange crush on him! My third choice would be either Stephen Fry or Brian Blessed???? Hmmmmm, which one?????? Stephen Fry is a popular choice in these types of questions and I feel would be a great choice, but Brian Blessed wins for me, he must have stories galore from working as an undertakers apprentice when he was 15 years old to climbing Everest and you know there would never be a dull moment!  (You may notice I've picked, how shall I put this, beefy fella's so if the food runs short.........)

2) What three pieces of equipment would you take from the sunken ship. (non electrical)

I'm going down the practical route of a survival situation. So I'd choose an axe or large cutting implement, a large container for fresh water and and a large waterproof sheet (hope Ray Mears would be proud of my choices.  If I went down the luxury route it would have to be pillow, duvet and coffee machine (solar powered of course).

3) What three books would you take for reading.

Oooh hard one, so many wonderful books to choose from!

Hounded the first in the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne (fantastic series, love them so much!!!!)

Hubble Bubble by Christina Jones ( again love, love, love her books, fantastic author)

The last one I think I may go for one of the Harry Potter's, thinking the first one although may be I'd go for the Half Blood Prince.

Everyone knows Harry Potter but I highly recommend Kevin Hearne and Christina Jones to people, two of my favourite authors!

4)What three ingredients for cooking would you save.

Paprika, chinese five spice and garlic salt. You could almost certainly make anything tasty with these ingredients.

5)What three animals would you have on the Island.

Not sure if this is one of each animal or types of animals but I'm opting for the latter.  I'd go for ducks, pigs and goats. Eggs, bacon, milk and cheese oh and could have goat curry too!

6) What three pieces of music would you like to hear during your stay.
Another hard one. I'd go for Queen Don't stop me now.  Love this song, it just brings a smile to may face and makes me want to dance and be happy.  It was the first song we heard as a married couple.  We had it played as we walked out of the ceremony.  Oooh struggling here, not sure about the others.  I'll go for something of Michael Buble but can't decide which one and lastly I'll go for the Kings of Leon 'Your sex is on fire'. 

7)If your Island could be an imaginary place from a book or film where would it be

It would be the Midlands, a place from Terry Goodkinds novels The Sword of Truth series because they have wayward pines which are massive trees that are an instant shelter. 

That was fun! Great questions, thanks Anne, really enjoyed them.  Ok so my turn to ask the questions.   

Ladies you've been tagged hope you don't mind?


The random few

1) What period of history would you most like to visit and why?

2) If you could stay a certain age forever what age would you be?

3) Have you ever had something happen to you what you thought was bad but it turned out 
     to be for the best?

4) What do you want to be when you grow up?

5) What is something you leaned in the last week?

Thanking you kindly and as always don't feel obliged to answer.



  1. Excellent answers...and questions! I'm going to give you mine here :)

    1) What period of history would you most like to visit and why -
    Definitely the 40's. Always fascinated with WWII and I would be a WAAF. They'd never let me fly a Lancaster!

    2) If you could stay a certain age forever what would you be?
    18. The year I first started 'going out' with my hubby! Lots of things I would love to squeeze in before our wonderful bundle came along the year after!

    3) Have you ever had something you thought was bad happen to you that turned out to be for the best?
    Hate to say it, but staring at that pregnancy test at 18, I though my life was over. It was far from it and turned out to be the most amazing thing ever.

    4) What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Lol!!! I'll never grow up!
    I guess Peter Pan is already spoke for, so I'll go with fighter pilot.

    5) Something you have learned in the last week?
    Kate likes rotund bearded men with deep, rumbly voices ;-)
    And peanut butter and Nuttella sandwiches are amazeballs!!!!

    Thank you lovely, Kate :D wads much fun!!! xxxx

  2. Thanks Donna. You're answers made me laugh! Especially no 5 xxxx

  3. Hi Kate

    Thank you for the tag! So love putting off my 'to do' list - loved your answers - and Donna's to your questions. In light of the fact my blog has yet to be set up (that to do list...) I'm answering right here.

    1) What period of history would you most like to visit and why?
    Georgian - absolutely no question about it. In fact it features in my book. I can't help it - I just feel an infinity to the period and aspire to living in a Georgian house. We live near Bath which I adore - not that living there would be remotely practical ('parking' my husband cries. 'Where would we park?'). I do love a good Regency romance too...:)In fact, I would probably try to visit Pemberley during THAT lake scene:) Okay - I KNOW there was no lake scene in the book (or Pemberley come to think of it...)and that Colin Firth was not he - but for the sake of this, he was!

    2) If you could stay a certain age forever what age would you be?

    That one is soooo tricky. Definitely not teenage years. Even though my husband and I met at 15/16 respectively, it wasn't the easiest of times. I'm going to say 30 I think. My husband and I were both in good enjoyable jobs in London, partying hard and holidaying even harder, health was good and I was several stone lighter! I spent my 30th birthday in S Africa and it was truly the most wonderful wonderful time. I would, however, have to add the proviso that I had both my boys then too. Of course I didnt, but in this scenario I would. I couldn't possibly spend my life without them.

    3) Have you ever had something happen to you what you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?

    Masses and masses and masses of things. Not all things. Some are simply bad per se, no getting around them. But whenever the poop hits the fan, so to speak, I try and reassure myself that we will get through them and when we look back on that time, will see it happened for a reason etc and that where we are at is better for it. Not always possible, but it's sometimes worth a shot. Ms Fatalist me.

    4) What do you want to be when you grow up?
    A writer so I'm pretty happy about latest developments :) I lost sight of it for a long time. Life interevened. I was all set to go into journalism, do an English lit course at uni (with a creative writing component) - but a boy kind of cocked that plan up (thank you hubs!). I found myself doing a degree in politics, going down a completley different path and ending up in PR. I do love PR and if I could, would still do some now. But somehow I seem to have gone full circle, and writing has found me again. And I am beyond grateful for it :)

    5) What is something you learned in the last week?

    Ooooo - that you and Donna make me laugh - and that if a man rejected a woman's proposal on 29 February he had to recompense by buying her a pair of gloves every year after (Choc Lit blog. Fascinating fact!). Oooohhh - and never ask your husband to take a photograph of you. Have had to get one done. I hate photos of me (hence the smiley egg) and I look old and fat in it. Hubbie's response 'I can only work with what's before me!' It may be true, but needless to say my reaction was fruitful!:)

    Thanks again Kate - great fun

  4. I've had a good laugh reading this.Kate I agree with most of your answers but I haven't read the books, and Brian Blessed OMG you must be joking the man would give you a sore head and you'd want to kill him! ha ha!!
    Sarah and Donna love your answers too.

  5. Sarah, it's taken me ages to stop laughing at the fact that I thought you meant you looked old & fat in your egg picture...I need stronger meds :D
    Hey, if I can relent at a picture (taken by my 13 y/o!) So can you ;)

    I loved your answers, thought no.4 was really lovely :) x

  6. Hahahaha - believe me my egg picture is the least of my worries!:)

    Thank you Kate, Donna and Anne for the fun - will reciprocate once I've got meself sorted. Loved all of your answers and questions - we probably know more about each other than our respective neighbours do!



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