Thursday, 9 February 2012


So first things first, once again I have been fiddling with my blog, tweaking it here and there. Hubby thinks I'm getting obsessed! It's just I am discovering new ways of improving it.  I hope people like what I've done? This week I have been a good girl and have actually made it to the gym twice! Even though until this week I've been only going there once a week I already have noticed how things are improving.  Wants even better then that is I am actually enjoying it!  Not having so much luck with money this month, had a puncture so need a new tyre, had a crack in my windscreen and today Hubby got a parking fine! Oh just realised, that's three things! Hopefully that will be it, and it's true things happen in threes.  I did have some luck though, I took my care in to the garage opposite my work, not only had a large puncture but there was also a nail in another tyre.  luckily that tyre could be repaired and the very nice man who repaired it for me only charged me for the new tyre and not the repair since we were 'working neighbors' so to speak.  How nice of that was him!

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