Saturday, 11 January 2014

A New Year

Is everyone getting into the swing of a new year?

I am and I'm hitting it head on with determination and gusto! (A bit like Spike)
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Ok so January isn't January on a blog without a post about resolutions/getting organised/getting fit. What good does it do us? I don't really know. Have I managed to stick with ones that I have made in previous years? Ermmmm........ What do you think?

2011 saw the start of The Tales of Me. Goodness, so much has happened since then. So on February 13th I had my first ever escapade in the blogmosphere, you can read it here.  I had a difficult start to 2011 when I had a big relapse with my MS which started on Christmas eve, well to be fair it was probably brewing before then but I was off work for 9 weeks. A bad start to the year. So that was 2011.

In 2012  I had a usual poor start to my resolutions and fairly early on in January I scrapped them and decided to try the tactic of making life improvements, revolutionary resolutions. Did I have anymore success? No not really (ok not at all).

In 2013 Spike vowed to eat more sausages.

and once again I didn't do so well with the resolutions -

In 2013 I tried another tactic, goal setting. I read about smart goal setting on a fabulous blog

smart goal setting concept

I'd say I had more success then in previous years but still not as much as I wanted.  For the first part of the year I got down the gym and I even made it 4 times in 1 week! Yay me! It all went to pot after June though and I only made it about twice in the latter part of the year. I did manage to loose some weight but I have manage to gain a few podgy bits over Christmas, but hey who hasn't?

The goals I set in 2013?

I wanted to focus on my career and get stuck into some studying. Then there was the need to get my life a bit more organised and stop procrastinating. I seriously wanted to avoid making any serious cock-ups with money. I wanted to progress on my blog and most of all I wanted to have FUN!

How did I do?

Well I passed my physical examination course, completed my Chronic obstructive disease diploma (results optimistically pending), so that's not to shabby.

Money? No serious cock ups but no money, nothing new there but optimistic for 2014. We had huge problems with our cars which seriously drained our funds but hopefully at the end of January that should all be sorted. We've actually made the last payments to our old debts in December which is a great way to start 2014!

Lots of blogging in the beginning of the year and then there was the blogging from A to Z April challenge. That was fun but not easy, you can check out my posts on my childhood which  you'll find in labels. After that my blog was neglected as I had to prioritize studying over blogging of course.
And fun? I had some fun but nowhere near enough! I spent far too many months stressed or with anxieties. I wasn't organised with all the study either which put  a dampener on things.

So what does 2014 hold for me? More studying and its a biggie this time, my nurse prescribing. Arghhhh! It will be ok though, I refuse to spend the next 6 months stressed and anxious. It won't be an easy course but I'm not going to make he same mistakes I did last year. It also helps that I know some people, well actually a certain person has concerns that I will find it all too stressful and won't cope (a lot of people do feel like their going to have nervous breakdowns when doing this course!). That sounds harsh but I did make some cock-ups last year so I understand why they think that. I want to prove them wrong and be on top of it all and I will prove them wrong! My friend and colleague who has done the course believes in me and she thinks I will be absolutely fine and benefit from it so much.  
2013 saw Hubby and the rest of the dream team, Claire and John,  take over Trust K9 who are now working their butts off to make it a huge success. It was scary, them taking over the company but so far they are doing well and hopefully there are big things in the pipe lime. You can read about Trust-K9 and Alfie and his son Dex, the bedbug sniffing super-dogs by clicking on the tab in the menu bar or teh link above. I actually wrote a post all about this but didn't post it! Doh! Think I was  bogged down with other stuff at the time. I will though as I reckon you'd like to meet Alfie and Dex, they're so cute.

Lastly, getting fit and loosing weight? Ahh well we'll just wait and see... Fun? oh yes there has to be lots of fun! 

So this year I'm just going to get on and do it and not worry about what I did and didn't do before, lets just see how things play out in 2014...


  1. I hope your year is off to a good start! I love starting the year organized and SMART goals are what I use too! Good luck with your schooling this semester!

  2. I hope your year is off to a good start! I love starting the year organized and SMART goals are what I use too! Good luck with your schooling this semester!

  3. Sounds like you have a good plan...I make goals too, and I fail sometimes, but my attitude is, its better to have tried and failed, than never to have tried at all!
    Good luck with you plan for 2014 :-)


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