Tuesday, 10 January 2012

When do you have to grow up?

Ok, call me sad but I am one of those thirty something women who love to watch programmes which are made for teenagers, possibly young adults at a push.  I love a bit of escapism.  I am talking about programmes like Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars.  I am cringing whilst I am typing this.  It's very sad isn't it?  Well it may be sad but I enjoy them, a bit of mindless rubbish never hurt anyone.

 The question is, when do I have to stop watching programmes such as these?  Can I be a forty something or a fifty something and still watch them?  Not sure about that one but I have plenty of years (well a few) before I should worry myself about it.  Hubby does despair of me though.  It's not like there the only types of programmes I like to watch.  My likes range from the stuff like The Vampire Diaries to things like Ray Mears and documentaries.

When it comes down to it I'm not ready to grow up yet.  I decided to investigate this on line and discovered that for a lot of these programmes the target audience is women age 18-34. Phew, I'm just in there ;o)  It's wonderful to be able to watch a programme or read a book and escape real life sometimes.  Its something I've always been able to do from a young age particularly when reading.  I can really get absorbed into a book.   As a lot of women I enjoy your usual chick lit stuff.  I feel I should read more of the classics but haven't got round to it yet.   At the moment I love to read/listen to fantasy novels.  I always have done actually.  Thinking about it if I look back at books I use to read as a girl growing up some of my favourites were The Bogwoppit, Enid Blyton's The Far Away Tree and Mallory Towers and the Worst Witch series.  Now Enid Blyton knew how to write a great fantasy book but you could also say Mallory Towers was the original Gossip Girl!  For most reading this you probably have no idea what I am going on about.  I just felt like rambling a bit.  I think I am over tired, only had about 3 hours shut eye Monday night and was quite restless  last night. Best be getting myself off to bed for an early night tonight or who knows what I will be babbling at work.

XOXO (Any Gossip Girl fans will like that)

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