Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ok not such a good start to these resolutions

Ok so day two of my new healthier life style and how has it been going?  Not well my friends, not well.  I may have told a little porkie when I said I feel determined in my quest for a new healthier me.   Actually that's not completely true I do really want to do it and  I do definitely really need to achieve a healthier me but even more essentially I need to find a better way of approaching matters.  I start the day well, I have my porridge, take a healthy tasty pack lunch to work with healthy snacks such as fruit, fresh and dried.  It continues to go well until I get home and then I spy left over Christmas food, such as biscuits and crisps!!!!!! The last two days I have let myself down and scoffed more then I should when I got home.  So I need to find a different approach to my quest.  Firstly may be I shouldn't think of it as a quest,  I fear I have been reading too many fantasy novels.  I need to find another way to tackle my resolutions and get it into the right frame of mind.  I just need to find my motivation, I thought it was there but it appears I wasn't be totally honest with myself.  Ok time for a bed and to wake up and make a fresh start on things and find my will power that seems to be lost. Wish me luck ;O)

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