Monday, 2 January 2012

Here comes 2012, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone, another year has passed and a new one begins, one  which I hope brings good health and happiness to you all.  Unfortunately we can't depend on good wishes to bring us good health, it's something that we have to try and help ourselves with.    This brings me to New Years resolutions, mine are often about loosing weight and getting fit, every year I make them and most years I never really keep them up.  How about you guys? I sometimes feel New Years resolutions are made just to be broken ;o

I have just looked back at my previous blogs to remind myself of what I had written and the resolutions I'd made (that's not a good sign if I can't remember my resolutions, is it?).  Looking back at last Christmas and New year, I feel like they just passed me by as quick as a flash and were overshadowed by my relapse.  This year it's been so much better I have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with my family and friends, eaten far too much but now it's time to review my resolutions..........

Now I have always been a bit of a procrastinator and although in the past year I have improved on this matter I can still do better.  Actually if we think about this I have seriously procrastinated when it comes to last years resolutions, lol!  Ok, so number two was the one that comes round every year, loose a few pounds and get fit. I did manage to loose a  few pounds but over the last couple of months they seemed to have found me again.  So once again back to my healthy eating.  I hate to admit it but I have let myself down when it come to getting fit.  Yes I did join  a gym but I haven't used it anywhere near as much as I should.  The only good thing I did was join pilates which I kept up regularly for several months but I haven't been since the beginning of December!  The change starts tomorrow though I shall be going to my pilates class tomorrow evening and then later in the week I shall go to the gym.  Looking back at past blogs I was so determined to improve on my fitness, I even wrote it in bold and capital letters! LOL! My determination soon wavered and unfortunately I made pretty poor attempts to do this.  Once again I feel determined.  I DO, HONESTLY!  I am so happy and grateful that although not fit I am in good health and bar the odd little symptom that pops up here and there which I know is just the way it is I have stayed well.  A big fear of mine is that the years will slip on by and MS will hit me full force and I'll regret letting myself go and not looking after myself.  I've mentioned before that I have seen people who have done this and it is most definitely not what I want.  I have the chance to make things better or at least help and I would be a fool if I continue to let things slip.

So how many's that now?  Two, right number three, being disorganised.  I am known as a pretty disorganised person.  I feel I have improved, on this a lot over the past year but as ever there is still room for improvement so my organisational skills is something I will continue to work on through 2012.
Lastly I can also be quite untidy which was ok when it was Hubby and I at home but now my parents live with us as well I've got to be a bit more tidy.

Some more fun resolutions hubby and I have made is to go canoeing at least once a month and fit in lots more camping this year.  That won't be hard as last year we didn't go camping at all.

Here is a link to an article in the Express about helping to keep resolutions:

Work tomorrow, normally I would have pre-work blues and wishing I had some more days off but as lovely as it is to have time off I am looking forward to getting back to things and starting to work on my New Years resolutions.  I am really happy because it's a year since my last relapse and things seemed to be going well.  It is such a good feeling. As I said in my last blog I had been worrying about having a relapse deep down so it is a relief that nothing has troubled me.

Once again Happy New Year, I truly wish everyone a happy and health 2012.

Happy New Year

For anyone who didn't see them  above is a link to a video of the fireworks in London.  Very impressive I thought.  I actually didn't watch them on New Years eve I was watching Jules Holland's Hootenanney.  Next year I won't bother since I was very disappointed to find out it's pre-recorded which isn't the same.

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