Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I'm having a very lazy Boxing day, sitting on the sofa, still in my PJ's  watching rubbish on the TV.  Already eaten far too much and got a few more days of celebrations and people to see, oh dear I shall be ignoring any weighing scales for a while.  Well,  I have had a wonderful Christmas.  Had a perfect Christmas day with Hubby, Spike and The Olds (a playful term we use for my parents).  I woke up feeling very happy and that wasn't just Christmas excitement (although yes I am still a big kid).  I was very happy as the last two years I have not been well because of  relapses.  Historically my relapses have followed a pattern which I am so happy has been broken!!!!!!

I know we shouldn't waste time worrying about these things but if I am honest I have been secretly anxious about having a relapse over Christmas, I tried to push these worries to the far depths of my mind and keep them locked away but there were times they manage to get loose and bother me. Last year when I finished work for Christmas I didn't go back to work for around 2 months because my life time buddy, actually, arch enemy is more appropriate, MS decided it would be a good to pay a visit.  Well it's never been welcome and it never seemed to be aware of when it had outstayed it's welcome so I am so very happy that this Christmas it skipped it's visit. and I feel well and happy all be it slightly over stuffed with a variety of Christmas goodies.

I have been giving lots of lovely pressies but my  best Christmas present has been the fact that Avonex appears to be doing a good job and keeping any relapses a bay and thankfully the side effects I had been experiencing have really died down.  I now take it on the Friday morning before work, make sure I take regular paracetamol and then crack on with my day.  This is working well. and being at work keeps me busy and keeps my mind off of things such as aches and pains.  Obviously this works well for me because nearly all of the side effects have settled down but for the little ones I get, being distracted at work helps. I am extremely grateful and thankful that things are settling both MS and side effect wise.  

So I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas too and that they have been well and in good health and if their MS has been playing up they have still managed to enjoy there Christmas.  Thought about any resolutions for the New year?  It will soon be time to for me to reflect back on my resolutions of 2011 and see how successful I have been....... How do we think I did...............

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