Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ok so here I go again, I shall try not to loose what what I type this time :o(

It's been a good while since I have managed to update my blog.  I wish I could say I've done lots of exciting things since I last blogged but sadly I haven't. My last post was a bit of a rant about the troubles with the riots.  I drove past Reeves corner the other week and it was so strange to see the furniture shop not there, it's just like a demolition site. Very sad, someones livelihood burnt to the ground.

I had my second follow up with my MS Nurse and Neurologist.  They were both happy with how things are going, all my blood results were normal and so far no relapses.  Hopefully things will continue as well as they have been.  Now that's not to say it's been a completely smooth run.  I do get some side effects post injection and they vary in severity from week to week but generally they have been pretty mild except for the last few weeks where I had the rigors in the night and felt a bit more fluey.  Nothing I can't manage.  One of the symptoms I always get is achy knees.  Regular paracetamol or Ibuprofen helps and the night of injection I still take Night Nurse as it helps me get a good nights sleep.  I can't believe it's been eight months!

Now on a more disappointing note, back in August I said that I had cracked the whole injection thing, well it seems I haven't really.  I managed to inject myself freehand once and since then never again.  So I'm still getting Hubby to press the button on the autoinjector for me.  I frustrate myself because I feel being a nurse I should be able to do it on myself.  So many others manage to inject themselves and they  have no experience giving injections.  Well I am going to be trying the new Avonex device in a couple of weeks and I am determined to do this myself.  We shall see.....

It's stupid really, it never really hurts me and injections don't scare me but I just can't bring myself to inject myself or press the button on the autoinjector.  Arghhhh!  Not sure why I managed to do it freehand once and  then never again??  Thinking about it though, is it so silly not want to stick a needle in my own leg??

It's funny I haven't really giving relapses much thought but after seeing my MS Nurse it has been more on my mind.  I was aware that base on my history I probably about due a relapse or was I suppose back in June.  So very happy that things are looking good.  I have been a bit more worried as I have had an increase in some symptoms such as pins and needles in my arms and feet.  Thankfully that's starting to settle but this week every evening I have had painful feet.  Hopefully just a few blips.   In fact I really think that's all it is.  I have recently had a cold and sore throat so I think it's probably just triggered a few symptoms.

Well I'm off to see the Xfactor results!  Sad it may be, but I love it!

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