Thursday, 17 March 2011

I've fallen in love.........

Last weekend we took a drive up to Aberaron in Wales to visit Pete's family. His Dad, sister, brother-in-law and their two girls have moved up there.  It's a long old journey to get there, just under 5 hours (we managed to extend that to 6 hours on the way home as we went the wrong way, oops).  We would normally be really stressed at making that sort of mistake but with the sun shining and the beautiful scenery you couldn't help but feel happy and relaxed, even when we hit the boring old motorway we were pretty chilled and lady luck was on our side as there wasn't much traffic which is pretty unusual for a Sunday evening.

So would you like to see why I fell in love........

Above are some pictures I got off the internet (can't take any credit for them) of the harbour and some of the shops in Aberaeron.  How quaint are those shops!  The town centre looks as if its out of a story book, like a toy town.  It's so lovely. Another thing I noticed is how clean everywhere was. The streets are kept so well.  All the roads are impressive too, even the coutnry roads are all in perfect condition, unlike the roads around surrey I hate to say which are generally shocking, with pot holes galore.

Here's a picture of some of the houses -

If you fancy a holiday in Wales, this comes well recommended , it is a fabulous little seaside town, I seriously wish that we could up sticks and move there. Well, we just have to keep on trying our luck with the lottery.  You never know.  It's not the cost of the houses that would stop us as they are seriously lower priced then in Surrey and you get so much more for your money but its earning money there.

So here are some of our pictures we took, we stayed at Wider Horizons Caravan and campsite.  That's where  his family are living at the moment in there caravan while they are waiting for their house to go through.

This is just a short walk from the caravan.

Spike having a little wonder

This goes into a waterfall into the sea

Views of the sea

More pics of the sea

Oh and more

Dante the Whippet and Spike looking out of the caravan window

Right well that's enough pictures I think just wanted to share a glimpse of a most enjoyable weekend in fabulous Aberaron .

So finally I challenge anyone who visits this delightful town not to fall in love with it too.

P.S This weekend we will be going down to sunny Southampton (pleeease come out Mr Sun), I'm hoping it'll be an interesting weekend to share with you.

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