Friday, 24 April 2015

5 on a Friday: Things that have made me smile this week.

I haven't manage to do a 5 on s Friday for a while. We've been quite busy in the Rigby household, finishing off the garden fence and sorting out rubbish and unwanted bits in the garden. We've also been a bit frustrated and down as there is so much we want to do but lack of funds means we can't. That's just tough I know, but sometimes you just get fed up of having to keep struggling through. Joys of having your own business to run I suppose. When I start feeling like this my blogging goes a bit to pot which is frustrating as I have lots of idea of what I want to write about but the inclination to do it lacks.

Seeing as moods have been up and down this week in our house I thought I should think about 5 of the things that have made me smile this week. I reckon one or two of the pics may make you smile too. Happy Friday!

*Warning, pic heavy and mainly pooch pic heavy, Alfie loves to do a bit of photobombing!*

1.We (that's the royal 'we, Hubby really did all the work although I did help lots) finally have our fence finished and it looks fab! Although it has added to our skintness it is such a relief to have it all done as it was a humongous job. It also means that Spike aka Houdini aka The Littlest Hobo will no longer be able to escape.

2. When I feel a bit down or fed up, my Spike never fails to make me smile. Here's the mischief monkey trying to spy on the neighbours cat.

3. Then there's our Alfie. He is forever doing cute things to make me smile. For example,  I've taken a few pictures of the garden this week and a certain little boy keeps getting in the way of my photo's!

Yes Alfie we know what your doing. You could of picked another spot!
Love this picture. I was taking a picture of the gorgeous apple blossom and noticed a little brown eye looking up at me.

Another great photobomb from Alfie.

4. We have been lucky with the weather in the UK the last few weeks and it makes me smile to see the blossom coming out on our fruit trees, which is why I was taking the picture above. Here's are fruit trees, we have 2 apple, a plum. a pear and a cherry tree. The pear is the last one on the right which is taking it's time to come along but it's getting there.

Can you see the raised bed just in front of the shed? We are going to plant some wild flower seeds there.

5. We had a fair bit of wood left over from the fence where we had to trim the gravel boards down. At the weekend Hubby and I were chatting about how we could make use of it and I mentioned about making a planter. My super clever Hubby surprised me Wednesday when I got home with this:

How great is that! I'm so impressed. Now we just need to paint it and get some plants. Alfie is hoping we are going to turn it into a food trough...

That's it for today then. I'm sure you've had enough of the pooches. But hey, you have to admit they're a cute pair and if they don't make you smile I don't know what will.

Hope you have a good Friday.

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