Thursday, 26 March 2015

Well hello there!

Well hello there! Oh dear things have gone a bit to pot with the old blogging.


Oh the usual, work and life.

Work has been hectic, my poor friend who happens to be a colleague too is off on long term sick leave. We've all been so worried about her She's going to be off a few months but she's on the mend now. I shan't bore you with the life stuff, just the same old stresses which certainly bore me.

Enough is enough though and got to get my butt back into gear!

It's frustrating because it was all going so well, but hey that's life.

Oh some very good new though, today I signed my first ever prescription! I had mixed emotions, excitement that I was able to do it but nerves too as it's one hell of a responsibility. But it's all good. It will be interesting tomorrow and so much easier being able to sign my own prescriptions.

Right time for bed and I will be back again soon...

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