Friday, 29 March 2013

♥Friday Delights♥

Today Pete and I had a lovely day, pottering round East Grinstead in West Sussex which is about 45 minutes away from us.  It's only a small high street but it has some shops with some really cute stuff in.  We weren't there to buy things unfortunately although I did managed to buy myself a couple of little goodies, I just couldn't resist.  Apologies, these aren't the best quality photos.

These are so cute! Pointless but cute! They are a little pair of wooden scissors, they are smaller then they look in the picture.. I love the words, sew a little happiness.  I wanted to put them in the study my sewing/craft room *shh, don't tell Hubby I have commandeered it*  but I may use it on a future sewing project if it looks ok. 

The roll is some grey lace which was in the sale and I am sure I can find a future use for it.

These last 2 pictures of the cutest egg cup. I randomly just bought the one, because it was a bit extravagant, well £2.99.  I just love the scene on it of a black and white spotted dog running down a road.

After I fed my shopping addiction we stopped on the way home at a garden centre for a cuppa.  It was quite busy so we say outside but they are prepared for that and have blankets and hot water bottles to use if you want.

I love the tea cosies!

These last pictures are of Spike having fun at one of his favourite parks.


Some of these pictures look more autumnal then like Spring is on its way.  However you are spending your Easter Weekends I hope you all have lovely ones.


  1. Hi! Stopping by from the SITS sharefest. I love the treasures you found and the place you could enjoy a cuppa. Makes me yearn for a trip to England.

    1. Hi Katy, thanks for stopping by. They're cute aren't they. I love finding cute places to have afternoon tea in :)

  2. Hi there SITStah! Those scissors are adorable, I love the saying. Doggie photos are cute too. Glad you and the hubs enjoyed some Q.T.! You do have a lovely Easter as well dear!

    1. Hey Joi,
      they are so sweet, they are smaller then they look. We have had a lovely weekend so far. Catching up with friends for the rest of it :)



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