Friday, 25 January 2013

♥Friday Delights♥

You may have noticed I like to share fabulous discoveries I make with you, cuz that's just the kind of girl I am.  From pretty printables, honourable purchases (or extravagant ones), interesting blogs, oh and I have a thing about gorgeous notebooks (in fact there's a whole gang of beautiful notebook loving bloggers out there  Suzie Tullet Donna Trinder Anne Mackle Sharon Goodwin) So I'm introducing Friday delights, it's all about sharing my finds with you.  Some you may find useful, some you may just want to drool over or some you may want to put on your to do or wish list.  Whichever it is I'm sure you'll see some things you'll love
Right, on with today's discoveries.  I was a very lucky girly and for Christmas my lovely Hubby bought me a sewing machine.  I absolutely love it, although I have to admit I have yet to make anything but I have plans.  It has been many years since I've used a sewing machine so I've been looking up to see if there are any local classes or lessons on line. I haven't found any local classes but I have found some fabulous blogs with sewing tips and through one of these blogs I've discovered Sewing cafe's!  Now the blogs I shall no doubt use but I won't be using the sewing cafe's but not a bad idea if you want to see if you want to invest in your own sewing machine although you do need some basic skills to use these places.

Tilly and the Buttons

On Tilly and the buttons, there are some great sewing tutorials!

Sew Many Ways  

How amazing is this craft room!  I am super jealous!  I actually only discovered this blog today.  There is lots of great stuff on here, blogging tips, sewing tutorials, organising tips to name but a few.  On Fridays she hosts Find a friend linky party, all this involves is posting a link to your blog or Twitter/Facebook page and then check out some of the other links.  A great way to meet fellow bloggers and promote your own blog.

Fabric Godmother

The Fabric Godmother not only has a great blog but an online shop too!


There is some gorgeous fabrics on here and other sewing essentials!

Sew over it is a sewing cafe in Clapham North London.  Coffee, cake and sewing!  A place to go and sew, have a cuppa and a slice of cake.  There are lots of different classes run here but if you are not new to sewing you can pay per hour to use the equipment there.

Homemade London is another cafe where you can hire sewing machines and workshop space by the hour.

There are lots more I'd like to tell you about but I'm off to eat Haggis and drink Whisky. Well kind of, going to a Burns night for a friends birthday.  Could be messy!  I'll have the Haggis but not keen on Whisky.


  1. Great blog! Hopefully 2013 will be the year for the cure for those afflicted (like my sister Cate) with MS. Please visit my blog: and share your story! We would love that!
    Marianne and Ellen

    1. Thanks for comment. How wonderful would that be! I shall check out your blog too :)

  2. Sewing is on my bucket list! I can't believe that's someones craft room! I thought it was a house!

    Fyi..your Twitter link goes to feedburner and I can't find you on there.

    1. I know, it's so amazing! Thanks for letting me know all sorted now :)

  3. What a FANTASTIC idea for a feature! :) I wish I was a sewer...I always felt like I would have liked it.

    1. Ah thank you for comment and stopping by. Now I'm not a sewer but I'm going to give it a go! We shall see.. I will stick to simple things and see where it leads.


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  5. I've REALLY got to learn how to sew...such adorable possibilities! Thanks for stopping by my blog and THANKS for letting me know the word verification was on. I hate those things!

  6. I so wish I could sew as well! I've tried. Maybe it's a lefty thing. lol

  7. I was good at sewing at school and have always wanted a machine. Clothes are so cheap to buy now but I think things like cushions and crafty things are great. My aunt was a kilt maker and made wedding dresses from her home,she made me all the cot bedding for my children and made them lots of clothes and even duffle coats and dress coats. It's a wonderful skill.


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