Monday, 30 July 2012

The first apple of the season...

We've had a pretty disastrous summer in not so sunny England this year.  As fellow blogger Anne Mackle who I always want to call Anne Mackey for some bizarre reason, sorry Anne, mad I know) did a post a little while ago about the weather and how we always moan about it.  Weather doesn't bother me too much, I generally love it all in small doses but this has been the rainiest summer I remember in a while, the proof is in the fact that numerous country fairs and shows have unfortunately had to be cancelled this year due to waterlogged grounds. Any hoo, we have been blessed with lots of sunshine over the past week so while the going is good I want to pay homage to the sunshine and tell you ten things I love about summer. *It seems I'm too late, I started writing this post Saturday when the weather was lovely and then it all went t pot and we had thunder, lightening and all sorts, although today has been a darn sight nicer then yesterday*

So in memory of the beautiful weather, here are ten of the things I love about summer. These are in no particular order.

1) The sunshine, of course I love the sunshine.  We all need our vitamin D hit don't we.  It's wonderful to have beautiful blue skies with the sun blazing.  The wonderful warmth you feel on your skin, bliss.

2) Sunkissed skin. The majority of the year I spend with pasty white skin.  I'm not a big sun worshipper in the fact that as soon as there's a few rays of the stuff I'm out there basking in it but I do enjoy to sit in the sun when I have a chance.  I make the effort to try and sit there for 20mins to help top up with my vitamin D levels but after that I need to get the old sun lotion on as I HATE sunburn!  I always make a big effort to try and avoid it, not that I have always manage to do this.  When you have a little colour to your skin, a healthy glow, people will often comment how well you're looking.  It makes me wonder if normally they think you look like some anaemic zombie!

3) Brighter mornings are definitely a better way to start your morning.  I find I'm a lot more enthusiastic and motivated generally.  Sunshine gives people more va va voom!

you gotta love them!  Well I do!

5) Sitting in the garden on a balmy summers evening, glass of wine in one hand and a book in another. That's what Hubby and I did Saturday night. It was lovely just sitting out there chilling and as it started to cool down Hubby lit our fire just to take the edge off the evening chill.

6) BBQ's!  I love BBQ's!  As soon as I smell the smokey smell of a BBQ I think summer! Lets eat!

7) Breakfast in the garden on a warm summers day.  We actually had breakie in our garden Sunday morning which was lovely although the sunshine was short lived but at least we made the most of the little we had.

8) Seeing the first fruit on our trees.  We have two apple trees which are well established and last year we planted a plum, pear and cherry tree.  The apples are going great guns and Hubby ate his first apple
from there this morning from our Katie apple tree.

9) Meeting friends for lunch and doing a bit of alfresco dining, bliss!

10) Summer walks. Be it in the morning or the evening walking the pooch when the sun is shining is wonderful.  We either go early or late on a hot day, or Spike finds it too much but either way I enjoy it.  Everywhere looks so leafy and green and the parks we walk in let the wild flowers grow which is just beautiful.

I hope you've all managed to enjoy some of the beautiful weather and for those of you have have MS or another health issue which is affected by the heat and sunny weather I hope it hasn't be bothering you too bad

Follow the link to Anne's fabulous post about how we love to moan talk about the weather (her words) Anne Mackle, Bring me sunshine


  1. It hasn't been a very warm summer out here (on the west coast of Canada) either, but I am like you, I think... I don't mind most weather in small doses! I'd actually prefer rain to really hot weather, I wilt in the heat. Here's to continued sunshine, however!

  2. Hi Kate,

    thanks for comment. It's a good that you don't mind most weather in small doses as you have pretty harsh winters don't you?

    Yes indeed, here's to more sunshine!


  3. Hi Kate I thought I had commented on here must have been in my head,lol! All those things you like about summer are so true. We are all happier when the sun shines,we can do so much more stuff outside and don't you find that people are even nicer to each other? Nice post.


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