Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Feeding my addiction: recent stationery haul!

Today I'm feeling an incy bit guilty, I may of gone OTT with my latest stationery haul! Just a smidge. Mind you, I shan't be showing Hubs this post!

Before you read on I would like to point out all this beautiful stationery was bought over the past month and now I've written that down I realise that doesn't make it any better. I just couldn't resist all the cute stationery that's around. Also as I mentioned in my last post I've purchased a new Filofax Clipbook which I'm intending to use it as a planner which means I wanted to buy some washi tape and different bits and bobs to set it up. I did grab many bargains though.

Let me show/tell you all about it...

1. This is my Filofax Clipbook. I love it! The colour is called pear and it is a gorgeous, gorgeous shade of green. Unfortunately my photos just don't do it justice. I do apologise for the quality of photos, the lighting in my house is terrible for pictures and I tried to get better ones but it just wasn't happening. I shall be telling you more about the Clipbook in another post. They cost £18 but I got mine on Ebay for £16.22 with free P&P.

2. and 4.These paperclips are so cute with little sayings on such as Hey there. and I just love the patturns on the sticky notes and mini clipboard with notepad. These are all from WHSmiths who are have got lots of back to school deals on and all of these had money off ad much as 70% off I think.

3. These pencils were a pack of 10 from Wilkonsons for £1.49 and the rubbers were a £1 for the set at Tiger Stores (one of my favourite shops ever).

1. Again here are the sticky notes from WHSmiths.

2. This elephant sellotape holder and these scissors were a £1 each from Tiger Stores. The scissors are great, one cuts things with a scalloped edge and the other with a more saw-toothed or jagged edge.

3. I love this mini single hole punch which I got from Paperchase for £3ish. It's really handy for punching holes in inserts for my Clipbook.

4. Here's a mini tape dispenser with bunting flags from Wilkonsons which are so cute, I think this was about £1.50 not sure if I can get refills though which will be a shame.

5. This is a little roller stamp with cute little houses and flowers on and was from Tiger Stores and was a £1.

6. I bought this single 1/8 inch hole punch from Amazon. It was around £7ish and is very helpful if you want to add inserts to a spiral bound notebook (you can customize notebooks by adding different inserts or dividers, it's really easy to do, I shall show this too you another day).

I haven't got any pictures of them but I've also bought quite a lot of stickers to use in my planner. These varied in price from 50p to a £1 from WHSmiths, Ebay and Paperchase.

Well that's my haul. Love it all but all thouse £1's hear and £1's there all add up! If you read my previous post, I confessed I was a stationery addict and as you can see I really wasn't lying. I am now band from entering into any stationery shops for a while.

Do you love cute stationery? I am very jealous of all you lovely bloggers from across the pond because I am very jealous of all the cute things you seem to pick up in Target! Well that's it from me for now. I'll be back on Friday with my 5 on a Friday and I will also be sharing with you how I've set up my Clipbook.

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