Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blogging from A to Z, R is for Roald Dahl and rubber collections.

R is for Roald Dahl, one of the most popular children's authors and definitely one of my favourite authors.  There is even a Roald Dahl Day which is held every year on September 13th, his actual birthday.    I loved so many if not all of his books.  With his wonderful style of writing, fascinating characters you could warm too and great humour.  There were so many of his books that I loved but here are 6 of my favourite.

Children often go through  phases of collecting different things and like many children I collected rubbers.  I use to store them all in a old quarter sweet jar like the ones you get in sweet shops.  

File:Shaped Erasers.JPG

Some of my favourite rubbers were similar to the ones in the image above.  I use to have ones that smelt like strawberry and other fruits.  

From the archives

Ahh, Rag Dolly Anna.  She reminds me of being at my grandparents.

I loved The Raccoons!

Rentaghost was a bit bizarre.

I've posted this late and it's just a short one, I'm nursing a hangover after my childhood best mates Hen night! Now it's all over I'll be back on things properly.  Here's a little pic of us when we about 12, sitting on the train. The first girl is called Maxine, then we have Rachael my best mate and of course then me, sporting my dodgy perm.


  1. I love Roald Dahl! We used to feature him heavily in my year 4 class, all of our tables were named things like 'Snozcumbers' and things! All the children went up into y5 knowing everything there was to know!
    Kate - I'm so thinking about re-kindling my rubber/eraser collection! I love them!
    Hope the hen night was as much fun as it looked!!!

    1. He was great and a great thing to do at school! He he another pretty thing to get addicted to eh!

      Hen night was fantastic, I'm so happy it went well and my friend was so chuffed with it all :)


  2. Roald dahl is my all time favourite author I think his work was and stillmis amazing! I hope you all enjoued your weekend and the hen had a good time!! Loving thosenrubber collections I remember some oof them but not all. Please forgive any typos here im on the tablet and its not what id call hannah friendly lol xx


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