Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Revolutionary Resolution

Ok I'm gonna do some serious back tracking here.  Resolutions, the New Years kind.  Without fail year in year out, I make them.  I ponder things I want to change or improve on and inevitably come up with the same resolutions year on year.  I have asked a fair few people what their New Years resolutions are and I think the most poplular reply has been "I never make them cuz I never stick to them".  Now if I'm honest the same goes for me.  Have I ever seen my New Years resolutions through? Hafve I ever successfully accomplished what I set out to?  No I haven't or if I have it has been a short lived success.  I use New Year as a reason to try and get my act together about such things as getting healthy or getting myself organised,   But I don't need a reason or excuse to do it, I know what I've got to do, I just need to do it!  So the New Years resolutions I've made? Yeah I'm abandoning them.  Now the resolutions I made were things that I felt were important to change or make improvements on and I will be working on these changes because they will have a good impact on my health and my stress levels.  I'm not looking at them as resolutions though, more as life improvements.  So we'll see how things work out.  Watch this space, may be this way I'll be more successful.  Now it may look like I'm giving up but I'm not, I'm just using a different tactic!

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