Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A to Z blogging challenge, I is for imagination...

I is for imagination and I have always had a vivid one.  You could say as a child I had little too much if you read some of my previous A to Z posts! What with the Aristocats parading around my bedroom and seeing big cats heads in my parents room!

We should encourage kids to be creative and have an imagination. Do you remember the days when having fun wasn't all about sitting in front of the TV or computer but we'd spend hours playing outside in parks, climbing trees  jumping in rivers, cycling around.  Imaginations would be running wild, one day we ould be one of the famous five another hiding from creatures in the woods.

We used to get all the sheets and blankets out, making tents and camp out in the front room.  My friend Nik and I use to lay on two large foot stools and pretend to be mermaids swimming under the sea.  Did you ever put cushions down on the floor or played outside where you had to jump on the objects with out touching the floor in case the crocodiles got you?

I mentioned that as a child there were times my imagination ran a little too wild.  We used to have a foxes den at the bottom of our garden in the house I use to live in as a child. I loved the fact it was there and on one or two occasions I caught a glimpse of fox clubs scuffling around in the garden.  But later in the evening when dusk crept in and our curtains were closed I use to think there was a wolf that was prowling around outside the patio doors with bright red eyes waiting for its chance to get in.  I can tell you now, I use to scare the life out of myself!

Recently on QI with Stephen Fry, they were talking about how many people had imaginary friends. An imaginary friend was one thing I didn't have as a child. I'd imagine things when playing games but never really thought they were real (well except for the wolf).  Did you ever have an imaginary friend or know anyone who did?

I loved the Calvin and Hobbs cartoon strips. Hobbs was the perfect imaginary friend. The cartoons were so cute and if I'd of had an imaginary friend, it would definitely be a big, cuddly, cute tiger!

From the TV archives

Inspector Gadget

How are people enjoying the A to Z this year?  It's not an easy task but so far I am enjoying meeting lots of new bloggers and hopefully will get to me lots more.


  1. You obviously didn't need an imaginary friend Kate, especially with all those adventures going on! I am in awe of you A - Z bloggers. : )

    1. He he, may be you're right Amanda. Thanks for stopping by and for comment :)

  2. Oh Kate...I've got belly ache laughing - you were (were???) bonkers!!! I'd have loved to have been friends with you as a child! We'd have had a ball!!!

    I had an imaginary friend called Sarah. I don't remember her but I often hear alll about her...normally in embarrassing situations where I could do without my mother announcing it, and I erm...had an imaginary husband called Roger Plant. Him I remember. He was a gigantic teddy, we used to have a white mini too, and 7 kids (I was only 4?!)

    I love your blogs so much. I don't want to get to Z!

    btw - do you have cat-phobia now :D


  3. I remember when I was going to marry David Cassidy,If only I could bump into him and he would notice me he would definately want to marry me.Yes,I had a vivid imagination too.
    I think it's essential children get to use their imagination.My daughter had an imaginary friend in the mirror,I can't remember what she called her but it gave us lots of laughs.

  4. I don't think I ever had an imaginary friend, but I did role play a lot of scenarios- schoolroom, etc.

    I am liking the A-Z Challenge, although I am beginning to fade on ideas. Hopefully some exciting things come to me over the weekend!

  5. Instead of crocodiles, we always imagined it was hot lava!

  6. I had an imaginary friend but my siblings were always the main and great company.We had picnics outside on the blankets and mats, we had pretend games that were totally in ourheads and no one would know what we were talking about. Not to mention making mud pies in the back garden!


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