Friday, 28 September 2012

Lucky lady

Today is my first post in a couple of weeks, that's bad.  Have got things lined up but not had a chance to complete them.  Any hoo, it's been a good day, it was my annual review with my MS consultant and all went well. I was literally in there for about 5 minutes, a case of  'how are you doing, well. Ok lovely, see you in a year' She's really pleased, as am I, how well things are going.  Need to get my blood test results next week which are to check I am not producing antibodies against the Avonex but since I have had no relapses or major problems, it would suggest I'm not.  It's funny that I started my blog after I was diagnosed with MS as a place to work through things and hopefully help people by sharing my experiences but now posts about MS related things rarely feature.  This is a good thing, well actually a fantastic thing.  It means I have been very lucky or blessed, well whatever you want to call it, things have been good and my MS has been under control.
In December it will be two years since my last relapse, which is amazing.  One injection a week and some achy joints which are eased by a couple of paracetamol or brufen, are a small price to pay for a relapse free life (at least for now).  It's only talking to my consultant today, I have realise how far I have come and also how rough I was feeling at times.  If I think about some of the symptoms I had, it scares me such as speech problems. I do still get some little symptoms (not to do with speech, thankfully) but nothing major really and since being on Avonex, apart from the major factor of no relapses, I'm not suffering with the fatigue, which I suppose was mainly related to the relapses.

You can never really completely forget about the MS, there are little things that remind you, hmm like the weekly injections but most of the time I can.  I think it is good sometimes to look back and take stock of things and remember how far you've come.  My neurologist is based at the old hospital I use to work at and whenever I go back their it can't help but reminisce. So much has happened and changed since then.  I hope if anyone does read my posts about MS, although few and far between, they find them useful and possibly informative at times.  Hopefully they show that being diagnosed with MS doesn't have to be the end of a fun and fulfilling life, it still goes on! Being diagnosed with MS is a terrible thing but it has also brought positive things in my life and given my things to be grateful for, like people I have met, friendships I have made. Those are things I will always be grateful for and very important to me.

Keep smiling, it brings happiness to the heart

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