Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hubby and the teams big day tomorrow

Just a quick post before I'm off to bed. Starting from tomorrow Hubby has a long week ahead  I think I have mentioned before he works for a bed bug detection company.  Pete and the rest of the Trust K9 team are at their first exhibition of the year tomorrow at hotelympia.  Alfie, Vince and Lola (the face of the company) are the dogs used to sniff out the dastardly  bed bugs.  It amazes me how the dogs can sniff out one tiny bed bug, their sense of smell is extraordinary.  Here is a link to another website with pictures of Alfie, Bess and their puppies! So cute!  Three of the puppies are being fostered until they are old enough to join the Trust K9 team along with their Dad.  It's sad but lovely looking at these pictures because Bess, the Mum was a gorgeous dog but she now has a new home which is sad because we miss her but wonderful she has a new home where she is very happy.  Bess wasn't cut out for the working world of sniffing bed bugs.  She needed to be a family dog.  Right off to bed for an early night, Pete's leaving at 5am!

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