Monday, 20 April 2015

The Crafty Side of Me: Hanging phone pouch

A little while ago I mentioned I'd made myself a hanging phone pouch to hang on the handle of my bedside table. Finally, here's a little tutorial to show you how I did it. I made it for my phone but it can be used for anything you fancy. There is a main pocket for your phone and a second pocket for headphones or anything else you may want to store. There are 2 straps with velcro that you can use to hang the pouch up.

I made this to fit my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so cut your fabric the size you need for your phone.

I needed: Larger pocket 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches
                2 pieces of fabric 2 inches x 7 inches for straps
                2 x small velcro squares.

I didn't feel the need to use interfacing but you can do, if you want a slightly more padded or protective pouch.

To make the straps fold the material in half and iron, then turn it inside out so the wrong side of the fabric is facing each other and stitch along the 2 long sides and the 1 short side.

Next you need to attach the velcro. Sew the rough side of the velcro to the end of the strap.What I recommend is sewing the velcro on to the fabric before you sew the 2 pieces together because the stitching will then be hidden between the two layers of fabric. Although thinking about it, this may put more strain on the fabric?? I suppose you just need to stitch neatly...

Velcro is a hook and loop closure system. The rough side is the hook and the soft the loop. Don't make the same mistake as me, I thought I was all organised and laid out all the bits I needed. Then the first mistake I made was I sewed it onto the strap and then when I sewed the straps in I had them facing the wrong way. Rather then sewing the straps again I unpicked the velcro and changed them round. Unfortunately I then managed to sew the 2 soft/loop parts on one strap and side and the 2 hook/rough parts on the other! So double check your positioning of things before you go ahead and sew them!

 Next position the soft side of the velcro in the correct position on the inside of the larger pocket.
Once again I only stitched around the sides of the velcro but to make it more secure you could sew diagonally from corner to corner to form a cross.

Sandwich the straps between the 2 layers of fabric that will form the outside pocket. Make sure you lay the strap facing the right way, the image only shows how I positioned my straps.

The 2 pieces of fabric which will form the back of the pouch need to sewn together right sides facing each other once you have formed the sandwich of fabric and stitch along the top. Repeat this with the 2 pieces of fabric that will form the front of that pocket and also the smaller pocket.

Once you have done this you will have 2 pieces stitched together which will be the back of the larger pocket, 2 pieces which will be the front of the larger pocket and 2 pieces stitched together which will form the small pocket.

Now you have stitched each section together sandwich the smaller pocket between the the two larger pieces. The back of the fabric which will form the smaller pocket needs to be facing what will be the front of the larger pocket. All you need to do  now is stitch around the two long sides and the bottom, turn right side out and voila, all done!

You'll catch me hanging out at these blog parties. 

Hope you like it. Easy peasey idea which can be adapted for all sorts. 
Happy sewing...

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