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Friday, 27 March 2015

5 on a Friday: Sewing mistakes I make.

I'm still kind of a newbie when it comes to sewing and there is definitely much I need to learn. But to learn from you mistakes you need to acknowledge them so today's 5 on a Friday is all about things I do wrong when it comes to sewing.

1. Planning. I need to plan out my projects better, I have an idea and just dive into it which sometimes works but I would have more success if I planned things better. I also think while I'm learning I should possibly stick to following patterns or other tutorials rather then making my own up. Rather then learning and then mastering a new technique or skill I'll try one thing then jump into learning something else, which means I'm not giving myself a chance to really get to grips with some sewing techniques. 

2. I rush, I get an urge to sew and rather then waiting till I have time to do it I try and squeeze it into my day, usually at the wrong time. Rushing is not conducive to sewing lovely things. I need to take more time when making things and take it more slowly when I am cutting my fabric or actually sewing. Hubby always says to me "measure twice and cut once". Very sound advice! I get inpatient though and then start making mistakes.

3. I am messy. I start off organised but by the time I've finished sewing something my sewing the study ends up in a right mess. A messy environment isn't ideal for creativity well not for me at least.

This image is nothing, the mess gets a whole lot messier, trust me!

4. When I'm making something and I can see that it's not going quite right instead of stopping and having a little think I just bulldoze on and then end up having to start over (I am becoming an expert in unpicking thread though).

5. Avoidance. I avoid projects that look difficult or mean I have to really stitch neatly for example, top stitching. How can you get better at something unless you practice, practice, practice. Until recently I have continued avoiding top stitching but I now have an edge stitch pressure foot which I love. It has helped but you still need to be careful, I think I will be needing a little more practice with it. Another new foot I bought was a 1/4 inch foot, great for getting those neat seams, or a wider top stitch.

I could probably think of lots more but the above are the things I definitely need to work on. How about you? What are mistakes that you did/do make? Any tips to help me improve on the above?


  1. Glad it's not just me! I've been working for THREE MONTHS - yes months, on curtains for the bedroom. I got this great idea that I'd make them out of sheets and use it as a Tutorial for my blog - ha! Problem is - I have no talent for sewing, no time to do it, and no sewing machine! Well, I finally broke down and bought one, but it's been sitting in the entryway for about a month now (sigh). And sheet material - is thin and not cut squarely at all and the pattern is printed on it crooked. I can't figure out how to cut it, so here comes my hubby with a T-square and a ton of masking tape and together we managed to get the valances and one curtain panel cut out. At this point, I'm weighing the idea of hiring someone off of Etsy to sew them for me and take back the unopened sewing machine. This may be more frustration than I can handle!

  2. I hear ya! I recently started sewing again after not having touched a sewing machine since junior high home economics class. I am flubbing my way through some simple projects (pillow cases, mostly) and vowing to keep at it. I figure I can only improve, right? ;)


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